Tipping in Tanzania Safari

Tipping in Tanzania Safari

Tipping in Tanzania safari is an aspect that travelers looking to visit Tanzania do wonder about, and ask after in a number of travel forums as well as their tour operators. How much should you tip on Tanzania safari? Are you supposed to tip in Tanzania? How much should I tip my driver guide? These are some of the questions that most travelers do ask about Tanzania safari tipping.  Tipping in Tanzania safari is not necessarily mandatory but is expected as a custom. While on a Tanzania safari tour, you may appreciate the services of your tour guide, hotel or lodge staff, chef, or anyone that may be of help to you during your stay or visit on a Tanzania safari tour. Tipping them is a form of appreciating their services, if they were good, but should not be obligatory to you to so, especially if the service was not appreciated.

To many travelers, they do wonder on whether or not to tip, and if so, who to tip on a Tanzania safari, when to tip as well as how much to tip while on a safari in Tanzania. Below is a guide on Tanzania safari tipping that may be of help to you;

Tipping safari guides

Tipping safari guides is important, for they do a lot to make sure you do get to the various activities in time and safe, as well as point out to you the various attractions. A goo safari guide is very essential to the success of your Tanzania safari, for they also o keep you safe during your safari in Tanzania. it is recommended that if you are appreciative of the services of your safari guide, an 8-10$ per person per day tip would be appropriate but if you may want to give more, you are allowed to, depending on your satisfaction levels of his services. Most safari guides do not earn a salary but solely depend on tips got from guiding in the parks and reserves of Tanzania, be sure to tip them after the services offered.

Guide to tipping at the safari lodge/hotel

So much is done at the safari lodges and camps as well as hotels to have you enjoying your stay that you may take unforgettable memories back home. Some lodges and hotels have tipping guidelines, but you if it is that they do not have, 10-20$ per person per day is a good enough tip, which you can place in the tipping jar or even give individually. Most travelers or guests do forget that it is not just the waiters and waitresses who do serve you, the chefs, the house keepers and so many others do a lot behind the curtains, be sure to consider them when tipping while on your Tanzania safari.

Tipping in Tanzania Safari
Tipping in Tanzania Safari

Tipping safari drivers

Tipping safari drivers is actually customary in Tanzania. This is to support them financially, and a tip of 8-10$ per person per day is recommended.

When to tip

Most travelers do wonder on what the right time of tipping is. There are three options of tipping after each activity, tipping at the end of each day, or tipping at the end of your stay or safari. The best practice is to tip at the very end of the stay or safari, at once. Tipping after every activity would probably distort the relationship of the guide with other guests which may not be tipping as frequently as you are, or may even put the guide on “pressure” for the guest who is tipping more and often.

How to tip in Tanzania

The most common way of tipping in Tanzania is by placing one’s tip or tips in the tip jar, which is often times at the reception area. This however sometimes is meant for all staff at the lodge of stay excluding the guides so do have this in consideration when tipping at the lodge or hotel.  You could also ask after tipping generally at the lodge or hotel, and you shall be guided on the best way to. You could also give your tip to the person directly, to that particular person that served you best.

When next on your Tanzania safari holiday, or planning to do a Tanzania safari tour, Tanzania safari tipping is something that you should not fret about but only do if you do find the service satisfactory. Should you need more information about tipping in Tanzania safari, do get in touch with a reputable tour operator, and also have them put together an amazing Tanzania safari tour.

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