Zanzibar island Tanzania

Zanzibar island Tanzania

Zanzibar island Tanzania

Zanzibar Island is among the islands of the Indian Ocean and it is found off the East African coast. The island is part of Tanzania and Zanzibar Island is also an archipelago with the largest island known as Unguja. Many tourists visit the island to enjoy holidays at the beach and also explore the different attractions found around the island.

Zanzibar is also referred to as the spice island and is also known for its diverse culture and rich history as well as the white sand beaches. The spice farms of Zanzibar island are among the places which can be visited during a tour of the island as tourists get to know about the different spices, their uses and how they are grown. These spices include nutmeg, vanilla, cloves, and cinnamon among others.

Other activities carried out during a visit to Zanzibar island include swimming, snorkeling, diving, nature tours, beach walks, tours around Stone town, cycling, surfing, boat rides, visiting local markets among others.

Stone town is a historic town at the center of Zanzibar island and it is located on the western shore of the island. There are also many historic buildings around the town as well as winding alleyways which the town is known for. Some of the places which are visited during the stone town tour include the old slave market, Darajani market, the old fort, Forodhani gardens among others. This tour can be done in the company of a local guide who takes tourists around the town.

You can also take a beach walk along the white sand beaches of Zanzibar island. Honeymooners can also enjoy a holiday on the island which offers beautiful ocean views and privacy in the comfort of the resorts found around the island.

Prison island is another destination to visit when exploring Zanzibar island. At this destination, tourists can enjoy seeing the giant tortoises also referred to as the Aldabra tortoises which are big in size and also very old. It is also known as Changuu island and swimming and snorkeling can also be carried out during a visit to the island.

Kite surfing is carried out around Paje, Kiwengwa and also around Nungwi. Jambiani is another part of Zanzibar island where this activity is carried out during tours. Lessons are also offered for visitors during their holidays on the island.

Zanzibar island Tanzania
Zanzibar island Tanzania

Zanzibar island has great reefs and during snorkeling and scuba diving tourists can enjoy seeing the coral reefs and also the marine life of the island. Some of the locations known for snorkeling and diving include Mnemba island which is a well-known conservation area with coral reefs as well as a variety of marine life such as dolphins turtles as well as different fish species like moray eels, barracudas, tunas, triggerfish, reef sharks among others.

Another experience which tourists visiting Zanzibar island engage in is the safari blue excursion. This activity is a full day experience starts from Fumba village and involves exploring Menai bay and also a boat ride on the Indian ocean, snorkeling, enjoying a feast consisting of local delicacies, drinks and snacks, watching dolphins, swimming among other experiences.

Another way to explore Zanzibar island is by taking a boat ride on the Indian ocean in the traditional dhows.  Boats are also used to get to the different destinations of the island during tours for example getting from the Stone town to Prison island.

Nature walks in Jozani forest can also be carried out during tours to Zanzibar island. The Jozani Chwaka bay national park is home to the red colobus monkeys and it is located about 38 kilometers from Stone town.  A tour to this destination is a great addition to a beach holiday in Zanzibar island for nature lovers. There is also a board walk above the swamp and this experience can be done during a tour in the national park which is the only park on Zanzibar island.

Best time for a tour around Zanzibar island is June to October which is the dry season and it is also a time of the year when the weather is favorable. The island can also be visited around January and February.

These tours done on Zanzibar island can be individual tours or group tours and the island can be visited at any time of the year. Certain times of the year are however more favorable for activities done on the island.

Zanzibar island Tanzania
Jozani Forest in Zanzibar

How to get to Zanzibar island during holidays

Zanzibar island can be accessed by boat and also by flight. During Tanzania Safari Tours, flights can be got to Abeid Amani Karume international airport which is the only airport on the island. From the airport, there are shuttles which offer transfers to hotels for those tourists who are individual tours on the island.

Another way to get to Zanzibar island is by taking a ferry from Dar es Salaam to the island. The ferry takes about 2 hours to get to Zanzibar and it is operated daily.

Book a tour to Zanzibar island and enjoy engaging in various activities or simply relaxing on the white sand beaches.

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