Arusha to Meserani Snake Park Day trip

Arusha to Meserani Snake Park Day trip : Meserani is also known as the snake park, its located in Arusha Tanzania just 25 kilometers away from the city center of Arusha.  It’s the perfect place to learn a deep about different reptiles mostly different species of the African snakes, not just learning them but also touching the alive snake and pictures with them.  The Meserani snake park is found the road of Serengeti and Ngorongoro national park, have a quick tour before proceeding with your safari.

How much is the entry fees to Meserani Snake Park?

Entry fees to Meserani Snake Park is categorized into two parts, fees for foreigners and fees for the Tanzanian citizens or the indigenous. For foreigners, the fees is 20 USD (or forty six thousand Tanzanian shillings, if at all you opt to pay in Tanzanian shillings).

Activities to do while on a Meserani day trip

Meserani park tour:  when you arrive at this park you will begin tour immediately as there are many different activities that are planned for you and just have one day. Explore and learn about different and dangerous species of snakes that are found in this park. They include the species of the most dangerous snakes around the world such as the black Mamba, Green Mamba, Egyptian Cobra and Puff Adders just to mention a few of them.  You will have a guide to help you identify different species of snakes as well as reptiles and they will allow you to hold the non-venoms snakes that are found in this park.

There are other reptiles that are found in Meserani park such as the crocodiles which you might be able to feed them if you will at the pack at their feeding time.  You will also see the monitor lizards, the tortoise and few species of the birds that are found here because they are either orphans or they are badly injured and they can not survive on their own out there.

Arusha to Meserani Snake Park Day trip
Meserani Snake Park

Maasai cultural tour:  meet the famous tribe in Tanzania and around the world, the Maasai tribe is the only tribe in Tanzania that has been able to keep and preserve its culture in a long time.  While on a tour to Meserani park you will have the opportunity to visit the Maasai huts that are found close to this park learn about their culture their life style as well as their art and crafts.  You will a personal Maasai tour guide who will take you through the Maasai culture tour as well as the Maasai museum, Arusha to Meserani Snake Park Day trip.  You will also visit the Maasai market which is made of the 13 traditional Maasai huts that are well parked with different products that are made by different Maasai women and men that reflects their culture. There are different items and gifts that you can carry with you for your loved once back home. There are items such as jewels, earrings, handbags, Maasai shoes, different designs of paintings and many more take your time and browse through these huts and see the Maasai people through them.

Have 30 minutes for the camel riding toward the Maasai village:   the perfect scenery that is offered is all you need in the after noon while at Meserani park.  Have a walk with a camel while chatting with the Maasai guide it’s also the time to learn about different Maasai culture and all you want to know about Tanzania or Maasai or even Meserani park.

You will have lunch at the snake park bar which is found in this park, it’s the legendary bar that is found in this pack which everything that is found in this bar has a story behind.

Are there black mambas in Tanzania?

The straight forward answer is yes, there are Black Mambas on various places in Tanzania. There are black Mambas at both Serengeti National Park and Mikumi National Park. Once you go to Meserani National Park you will also encounter both Black Mambas and Green Mambas as well.

Is Arusha worthy visiting?

Yes, Arusha is worthy visiting it’s the Centre of tourism in Tanzania, its not just the gate way for most of the national parks that are found in the northern circuit it also has centers for different tourism activities as well as the national park.  Arusha has the Arusha national park which has wild animals, the mountain Meru for the hikers, heritage centers and many more it’s definitely worth visiting.

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