Tour Operators | Choosing a Safari Operator in Tanzania

Tour operators;

Tanzania is one of the best Tourism destinations in Africa, it has won several back to back tourism awards due to its famous wildlife spots. Ngorongoro crater conservation Area regarded as one of the 8 wonders of Africa has the best wildlife experience to offer to our guests, the crater has the largest caldera on planet earth.

Ngorongoro crater receives over million guests annually and most of them have got the real feeling of the wildlife while some have been disappointed in one way or the other due to the tour operator they used.

It’s always clear that the best person to know their home land is some native and homeland boys that can give you a complete experience of their native land. There are so many tour operators that are found in Tanzania. It’s always hard to know who is the right tour operator to give you the best for your planned trip to Ngorongoro or Tanzania at large. We have helped you to simplify work by identifying the best and genuine Tanzania Operators that can give you the best Tanzania safari experience. Below are some of the best operators

Focus East Africa Tours
Tel: +255-764-687-041

Achieve Global Safaris
Tel: +256-392-177-904

Explore Tanzania Tours

Explore Rwanda Tours

Tel: +250-780-870-670

With over 350 Tanzania Tour operators, it’s a challenge to find the best tour operator who can deliver to you the best services that will give your life time experience of the Tanzania safari. Our experts have come up with this guide to give one a simple step to follow and guide you to get the right Tanzania Operator who will deliver your dreamed safari

Below are the key factors one should consider before choosing the operator.


Experience is always the best teacher!!, this comes with time a tour operator has finished in the tourism industry visa vi a wide range of knowledge and expertise acquired.  History always repeats its self if an operator has always been doing good work for the past time they have been operating then there are higher chances that they have built a good foundation and they are reputable operators in a given destination. Tanzania tour operators who have experience give their guest the best safari Experience even if we believe that nature is unpredictable but for them they will never run short of ideas to make you achieve your potential dream Tanzania safari.


This is the most common way now days’ travelers share their experience for certain destination with other fellow travelers. Travelers share their experience about Tanzania tour operators on different social plat forms though the most common one is TripAdvisor, Fodor, Safari bookings and others. The more positive reviews a tour operator has the higher the chances of its being genuine and providing good services to their guests.

Affiliations and memberships

All genuine and reliable Tanzania Tour operators are members of Tanzania Tour Operators Association and they are given certificates. They are also registered with the government of Tanzania also issues certificate of incorporation to fully registered Tanzania Tour operators who have fulfilled all the requirements that allows one to officially operate.


The value for money is the most important thing in travel world today, no need to break the bank in order to come to Tanzania. Travelers take a chance to send an inquiry to more than one operator and compare the prices. This is technical in that the guest has to check carefully on the lodges listed, activities to be done and parks or attractions visited visa vi the cost of the package. Sometime fake operators lower the price but donot list or give details of activities to be done and this give a challenge to travelers who rush to take a decision basing on the price.