Kilimanjaro International Airport

Kilimanjaro International Airport

Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA)

Kilimanjaro International Airport is located in the northern part of Tanzania in Moshi and in the southeastern direction from Arusha. The IATA code for this airport is JRO and it is considered an internationally recognized airport and is also referred to as the gateway to Africa’s wildlife heritage. 

History of KIA

Kilimanjaro international airport was the first privatized international airport in Africa around 1998. The airport is operated by a company owned by the government of Tanzania which is known as Kilimanjaro Airports Development Company.

The strategic location of this airport which is located between the region of Kilimanjaro and Arusha makes it ideal for tourism as well as business ventures and investment opportunity since the unique tourist attractions can be easily accessed in the region that is referred to as the northern tourism circuit.

Another important aspect of the location of Kilimanjaro international airport is that the mineral which is known as tanzanite is mined in the Merenani hills which are situated at a short distance from the airport.

Due to the wide growing of cash and food crops such as coffee, banana, maize, beans, and vegetables in the fertile land that has favored crop cultivation in the area where the airport is found, there is a demand for cargo flights to Europe, Middle East, and the Far East.

The airport operates for 24 hours which makes it reliable and convenient for the different tourism activity which takes place in the region. In case of any emergencies at the airport, there is a fleet of fully equipped firefighting emergency vehicles.

There are also regular and random patrols around the airport to ensure the security of the passengers as well as other people at Kilimanjaro international airport. The patrols are done by aviation security personnel and also the Tanzanian police force.

The airlines which operate in Kilimanjaro international airport include KLM, Qatar Airways, Kenya Airways, RwandAir, Ethiopian Airways, Turkish Airlines, Air Tanzania, Fast jet, Precision air, safari link, Air Kenya, Flight link air charters, Air excel, Regional air among others.

Customs at Kilimanjaro international airport

Some of the charges at Kilimanjaro international airport include landing charges and parking fees for the aircraft, passenger service charges which is included in the fee for passengers on scheduled flights. The passenger service charges are also paid by passengers on domestic and international flights.

Other charges paid by passengers using Kilimanjaro international airport include air safety fees which are aimed at air safety and it is also included on tickets for passengers on scheduled flights at the airport.

Visa and immigration 

Visas are travel documents that are required by most foreign nationals. These VISAS to Tanzania can also be applied for online.

Some of the items which are restricted in Kilimanjaro international airport include corrosive substances, explosives, flammable substances, gases, poisons, and other dangerous substances.

Cargo handling

Ground handling at KIA is done by Swiss port Tanzania, NAS and also Equity aviation who ensure reliable and convenient ground handling.

Services offered by Swiss port Tanzania include passenger services, ramp services, cargo services, load control, and flight operations, executive aviation and logistics, aviation security, station management and representation as well as clearing and forwarding.

NAS offers ground handling services such as passenger services, ramp services, cargo services, lounge meet and assists, executive aviation and logistics as well as aviation training.

Equity aviation offers ground handling services such as full logistic support, meet and greet services, commercial and private jets as well as charters.

Destinations of flights from Kilimanjaro international airport for the different airlines include Amsterdam, Doha, Nairobi, Kigali, Addis Ababa, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Dubai, Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar, Mwanza among others.

How to proceed after arriving at the airport

Upon arrival at Kilimanjaro international airport, passengers do not have to worry about finding their way to the arrival halls since they are escorted directly from the aircraft to the arrival halls. The immigration process is also fast since there are a number of desks handling these formalities.

The waiting time for baggage is also minimal at this airport and from this stage, passengers can proceed to the area where they can meet with the people picking them up. 

Car hire services are available at the airport as well as taxis which can aid with the transfer from Kilimanjaro international airport to the city center.

The departure process at Kilimanjaro international airport starts from the check-in area where there are multiple desks handling check-in which has reduced the time spent waiting in line. There are also souvenir shops, coffee shops, restaurants and bars among others at the departure hall. 

A flight information system is also present in the departure hall and it announces the flight departures which eases moving around the airport through the different stages before the actual flight. 

Services at Kilimanjaro international airport

This airport offers services to its passengers in a way that is passenger and airline friendly by easing the process a passenger goes through right from the car park to the departure lounge. Some of the facilities offered at Kilimanjaro international airport include waiting areas for passengers which are classified into the business lounge and the VIP lounge.

The VIP lounge offers services to passengers of KIA such as wireless internet access, travel documents handling among other services in an effort to enhance the comfort of the passengers.

Kilimanjaro International Airport
Kilimanjaro International Airport

The VIP lounge in this airport also provides a comfortable and quiet environment for the passengers at Kilimanjaro international airport as well as ease of access to customer service representatives. The business lounge also provides a high level of service with comfort for passengers at the airport. 

Other services at KIA include car parking as well as facilities such as restaurants and cafes, ATM, currency exchange, post office, first aid facilities, business lounge among others.

There are also facilities for disabled people using this airport such as washrooms, wheelchairs among others. The airport can also give passengers with a disability with any form of special assistance.

Other airports in Tanzania include Julius Nyerere international airport, Dar es salaam airport, Zanzibar airport, Mwanza airport, Arusha airport, Bukoba airport, Pemba airport, Musoma airport, Tanga airport, Mbeya airport, Songea airport, Mtwara airport, mafia airport, Tabora airport, Kigoma airport, Dodoma airport, Iringa airport, Kilwa airport.

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