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Ngorongoro Crater Rim Walk

Ngorongoro crater rim walk is one of the various activities in Ngorongoro Conservation Area that travelers can enjoy while on a Ngorongoro Conservation Area safari or Ngorongoro Crater safari any time of the year. A Ngorongoro crater rim walk is a beautiful safari experience, unique that one gets to enjoy the amazing views of the Ngorongoro Crater from a beautiful point as well as come up close with nature during this time of the activity.

Ngorongoro Crater rim walk has travelers marvelling at the views of the mighty Ngorongoro Crater, as well as look out for the various animals and birds in Ngorongoro Conservation Area, as well as plants and the breath-taking views of the conservancy.

What to expect on an Ngorongoro Crater Rim Walk

While on your Ngorongoro Crater rim walk along a scenic and remote trailhead, it shall lead you to stunning foliage walking past colourful wildflowers and different plants and trees in Ngorongoro Highlands. This Ngorongoro Crater rim walk is particularly rewarding to those travelers after montane forest birds like the Olive Sunbird, Cinnamon-chested bee-eater, European Roller among others that would be spotted.

Also expect to come across a number of animals in Ngorongoro Conservation Area including zebras, giraffes, and elephants among so many others. Do not worry about your safety from the animals in Ngorongoro Conservation Area, you shall have an experienced and armed ranger guide with you during your Ngorongoro Crater rim walk. Ngorongoro Crater rim walks are guided safari activities.

During your Ngorongoro Crater rim walk, be sure to be shared with an immense volume of knowledge about the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and all its inhabitants, including the different plants and their medicinal uses, point out animal tracks, and so much more.

Your highlight however is the panoramic views down the crater floor. This point from where you can have this amazing views of the Ngorongoro Crater is a seld0m visited area and yet very scenic and stunningly beautiful; be sure to carry a good camera that is fully charged.

Important to note is that the Ngorongoro Crater rim walk takes you through uneven ground and terrain, scrubby bush, all that can be quite strenuous. Travelers looking to do this activity therefore should therefore prepare, mentally and to an extent, physically. Also, the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and the Ngorongoro Highlands generally is a cold area so be sure to dress appropriately depending on the prevailing Ngorongoro Conservation Area weather.

Ngorongoro Crater Rim Walk
Ngorongoro Crater Rim Walk

Apart from dressing appropriately according to weather, be sure to have good hiking shoes or boots; sturdy shoes are advisable. Also include sunscreen, enough water, binoculars and a good camera on your items to have for the Ngorongoro Crater rim walk.

It takes anything from 1 hour to half day, depending on your preferences. A 1 hour crater rim walk in Ngorongoro Conservation Area is usually sufficient and very much rewarding.

Apart from Ngorongoro Crater rim walks, there are a number of other activities in Ngorongoro Conservation Area that travelers can enjoy while on a Tanzania safari tour in the conservancy. Other activities in Ngorongoro Conservation Area include;

Game Drives

Game drives in Ngorongoro Conservation Area are the most commonly done safari activity in Ngorongoro Conservation Area, allowing travelers cover larger area to see so much more. Ngorongoro Crater drives are the most rewarding, taking travelers into the Ngorongoro Crater floor to see the different animals including all the big 5 animals as well as the over 25,000 animals in the crater floor is very rewarding, and the magnificent views of the Ngorongoro Highlands and so much more, including the pink flamingos in Lake Magadi and other bird species.

Hot Air Balloon Safaris

Another of the activities in Ngorongoro Conservation Area include hot air balloon rides that have travelers floating through the conservancy and getting an amazing bird’s eye view of all the different beauty that sprawls the conservancy.

Bird Watching

With over 300 birds in Ngorongoro Conservation Area, bird watching is one of the different activities in the conservancy that travelers can enjoy while on an Ngorongoro Crater safari any time of the year. Some of the birds in Ngorongoro Conservation Area to look out for include vultures, hornbills, weavers, Kori bustards, among so many others.

Maasai Bomas

Have you ever seen humans co-existing with wild animals, in real life? Well you shall see this with a Maasai Bomas visit, Maasai cultural tour in Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Get to see the local Maasai people, the indigenous owners of these lands living in the midst of wilderness, sharing almost everything with the wildlife in Ngorongoro Conservation. Learn their cultural practices, interact with them and get to enjoy among others dancing with the locals in their traditional and famous dance whilst wearing the sukkahs!

Ngorongoro Conservation Area is the second most sought after Tanzania national park after the Serengeti National Park both in the northern circuit of Tanzania. Get in touch with a reputable Tanzania safari planner to help you curate an unforgettable Tanzania safari tour to Ngorongoro Crater and beyond.

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