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Tanzania safari travel tips

Tanzania safari travel tips

Tanzania safari travel tips : Tanzania is a country that is found in the eastern part of Africa. This country is known for tours across different safari destinations.

When traveling to Tanzania for a safari there are a number of things to keep in mind such as when to go for the safari, what to bring for the safari, where to stay during the safari, which airport to fly to during the safari, which company to choose for the safari, the cost of the safari, which activities to engage in during the safari, how to travel across the different safari destinations among other factors.

The beauty of a safari to Tanzania is that it can be carried out at any time of the year and people of all ages can engage in the safaris. Activities done across Tanzania are both children and adult friendly and also take into consideration families, groups and individuals on safari.

Some of the travel tips to consider when traveling to Tanzania include the following;

Duration of the safari

The question of how long a safari should be is a very common one among tourists especially first time travelers. In Tanzania, short safaris can be done as well as long safaris with a variety of activities including wildlife viewing experiences.

For some safari destinations in Tanzania, day safaris can be done for example Arusha national park which is close to Arusha town. Other destinations are located more than 6 hours’ drive away and may require more days for safari. It is important to choose a tour package which works best for you as you visit Tanzania.

Tanzania safari travel tips
Wildlife viewing in Tanzania

The duration of the safari in Tanzania can also be influenced by the budget for the safari. Tourists with a bigger budget can spend as many days during their safaris while those with limited or low budgets may spend few days in Tanzania.

You can plan ahead of your time of travel and choose a tour package that fits in your time planned for the safari and in your budget to avoid inconveniences and extra charges. Another way around being limited to the time for a safari is booking a safari with set dates and prices.

How to travel around Tanzania

There are different ways to move around Tanzania during a safari including flight, driving and also using boats or ferry.

The commonest form of transport used during safaris is road transport which gives a tourist an experience of the life in the countryside on the way to the safari destinations and is also an easier way to travel around the country and get close to the locals. This may not be the case for tourists who use flight means to access various destinations in Tanzania.

Different airline companies offer flights across the safari destinations around Tanzania. It is recommended that you choose a form of transport which fits in your budget and also helps you get to the destination safely during Tanzania safaris. Driving is cost friendly compared to flying around Tanzania.

Tanzania safari travel tips
Getting Around Tanzania

Water transport is also used around Tanzania especially around the coastal towns and also getting around the islands like Zanzibar. When planning for your safari, consider a form of transport that is efficient for you.

Best time to go on safari

Tanzania safaris can be carried out all through the year and there are two seasons in Tanzania which includes the rainy season and the wet or rainy season.

The dry season is around June to October and is considered the best time for a safari in Tanzania with clear skies, warm days and amazing wildlife viewing across different destinations.  It is also the high season and many tourists can be seen during safaris in Tanzania.

The rainy season is around December and also March and May and even with the rain, wildlife viewing is still enjoyable during a safari around Tanzania’s destinations. Around November to March is also a good time for bird watching in Tanzania and for bird lovers it is the best time to travel and see migratory bird species. This time of the year is the low season and is a good time to avoid crowds during travel to Tanzania.

Cost of a safari in Tanzania

The cost of a safari in Tanzania is another aspect to consider when traveling to Tanzania. This is because the price of safari varies depending on the different destinations to be visited during the safari.

The currency which is used for transactions in Tanzania during safaris is Tanzania shillings and also USD (US dollars). Credit cards are also used by some travelers during their safaris in situations where money is not at hand.

Money for tips is also among the costs which are incurred during the safaris around Tanzania. Other costs include transport costs, accommodation costs, park fees, concession fees, camping fees, WMA fees, and also charges for some activities like hot air balloon safaris, canoeing among others.

What to pack on the safari to Tanzania

When traveling the luggage which one travels with during their safari to Tanzania is another factor to consider.

Some of the items to pack for your safari to Tanzania include warm clothing, beach wear, sunglasses, sunscreen, toiletries, sunhats, gadgets like cameras, extra batteries, binoculars, day bags, hiking shoes (for those engaging in hikes during the safari), UK type adaptor for charging, power banks among others.

What to wear during a safari also depends on the time of the year or the season of the safari to Tanzania. It is also important to travel light and remember to pack all essentials for the safari and also consider the luggage limitations for those using domestic airlines to travel around Tanzania.

Entry requirements for travel to Tanzania include a valid visa and a passport, a yellow fever vaccination certificate which are presented at the point of entry into the country.

Some more tips for travel to Tanzania include planning the timing of the safari carefully, booking early and also choosing activities for the safari.

After considering all the above tips among other factors, you will be good to go for your safari in Tanzania and enjoy a memorable experience in the wild across the various destinations.

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