Lake Natron safari

Lake Natron safari

Lake Natron safari : Lake Natron is a soda lake which is found in the East African rift valley and is located in the northern part of Tanzania and on the border with Kenya.

The lake is the largest breeding ground for the lesser flamingos which are among the attractions which can be seen during a Tanznia safari to Lake Natron. Over 2 million flamingos are hatched on Lake Natron.

The big number of flamingos around Lake Natron is attributed to the presence of food and different places for nesting of the flamingos. The lesser flamingos are considered to be about 3 quarters of the total population of flamingos in the world.

Lake Natron is found at the lowest point of the rift valley and is found in the eastern arm of the rift valley. The lake is fed by the Ewaso Ngiro river in Kenya. The lake is about 10 feet deep (3 meters) and is made up of high concentrations of salt magnesite and sodium carbonate.

During a safari to Lake Natron, you are rewarded with beautiful views around the lake.  Apart from the flamingos, there are other bird species which can be spotted around the lake. Lake Natron is also known for its pinkish white color.

The high PH levels of the lake are known to burn off the skin of wildlife species and some birds which leads to the fossils which can be seen around the area. A few other species can survive around the parts of the lake which are slightly less salty.

Lake Natron appears to have red water (orange-red) because of the bacteria and other microorganisms in the lake. Flamingos are among the species which thrive around the lake despite its saline nature.

The flamingos of Lake Natron feed on the algae and their leather like skin helps them to adapt to the salty lake. The alkaline nature of the lake helps to keep away predators from the flamingos and this makes it a safe breeding environment.

Lake Natron safari
Flamingoes in Lake Natron

Activities which are carried out during Tanzania safaris around Lake Natron include the following;

  • Bird watching is among the activities carried out during safaris around Lake Natron which is a breeding place for flamingos. Different bird species can be spotted around the hospitable areas of the lake.
  • Biking is also done during Lake Natron safaris as you enjoy exploring the local area in the company of your guide. This activity can be done around sunrise or at sunset and the biking activity is booked prior to the safari.
  • Walking safari around the hominid footprints where the footprints of homo sapiens are left in the mud from over 5,000 to 19,000 years ago. This site is a great place to visit for people interested in fossils and discoveries about the history of mankind. These footprints are said to have been discovered by the Maasai.
  • Hiking on Ol donyo lengai is also carried out during safaris around Lake Natron. The mountain is also referred to as the “mountain of god” by the Maasai people who live in the neighboring areas. Ol donyo lengai is 2,962 meters high and hikes on this mountain can take 6 to 10 hours. The summit attempt starts around midnight. Another location for hiking near Lake Natron is done around the rift valley.

The hike starts at the base of the rift valley and ascent up to the Ngare sero gorge. After getting to the top ascent is done using another route.

  • Another experience during a safari around Lake Natron is interacting with the Maasai people who have a unique culture. The Maasai also act as guides for the various activities which are carried out around neighboring area of Lake Natron such as at Ol donyo lengai. The Maasai warriors put on performances for visitors during their Tanznia Wildlife safaris and also entertain them through song and dance.

Attractions near Lake Natron include Ol donyo lengai, Ngare sero waterfalls, plunge pools and flamingos.

Ngare Sero waterfalls are part of the Engaresero river and are also visited during Lake Natron safaris. A hike to these waterfalls is an exciting experience which takes place for about 2 hours and during the experience, tourists make their way around the rift valley escarpment.

Lake Natron safari

Ol donyo lengai is an active volcano which is another attraction found in the southern end of Lake Natron. Hikes to the top of the mountain start at around midnight and by sunrise; you would have made it to the summit. The northern crater is over 200 meters deep and is active while the southern crater is inactive and is filled with volcanic ash.

Flamingos are a highlight of a safari to Lake Natron and they can be seen in big numbers around the lake shores.

Plan your safari with us for an experience around Lake Natron and the neighboring destinations in the northern part of Tanzania.

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