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Maasai Tribes Man in Ngorongoro crater Tanzania

Maasai Tribes Man in Ngorongoro crater Tanzania

Maasai tribes man in Ngorongoro crater Tanzania; Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area is one of the few or the only protected areas where human settlements are allowed not only in Tanzania but Africa at large. After the declaration of Serengeti national park as a gazetted area in 1951, all the Maasai locals were relocated to Ngorongoro Conservation Area for permanent settlement. The Maasai tribes man in Ngorongoro crater Tanzania leaves amicably with wildlife at the conservation and this has created good relationship between the locals and the conservation Authorities.

The Maasai locals are pastoralists who practise some small agriculture around the conservation through their main activity is livestock farming. They have lived in Ngorongoro crater Conservation Area for more than 100 years. The Maasai people are woven with their traditions, cultures and taboos which keep them together, they are among the few tribes which urbanization and modernization have never changed their cultures for over 1000 year now.

Maasai Tribes Man in Ngorongoro crater Tanzania

The Maasai villages are dotted close to all the Northern National parks of Tanzania those are Ngorongoro crater, Serengeti national park, Lake Manyara national park and Tarangire national park. The Maasai tribes man in Ngorongoro crater Tanzania leave in families called “Manyata’s” where the whole family members build their small houses and leave together. The men remain the leaders of the family and they do gazetting and defending roles at home, looking after the livestock while the women do all the household and farming work, milking of the cows.

The Maasai tribes man in Ngorongoro crater Tanzania are famous of their dress code of bright Red blankets that are wrapped in the body, their dotted faces and large locally made necklace. The Maasai warriors carry spears as a sign of their protection, good at their high jumping dance called “Adamu” which is performed in circles with the leader always being in the middle. In Ngorongoro crater and other parks of Tanzania the Maasai people have shown some good hospitality to travellers welcoming them always to share their life experience full of untouched culture.

Their homes are locally fenced by thorns that protect both the people and their animals from wildlife. The houses are mostly made up of sticks with cow dung mixed with soil, the houses are constructed by women. Each house takes maximum of only 8 days to get done, built in round shaped with no windows but small hole on top of the roof to allow smoke out.

The Maasai tribes man has good administrative organisation where duties are divided according to age and sex for example all the young Maasai warriors play a great role of defence and protection of both the community and their livestock from predators while children and women look after goats and sheep and the elders’ role is to promote peace and harmony within the community.  The key reason why Maasai people are allowed to leave in Ngorongoro crater Area is that they are not hunters but enjoy small agriculture and livestock rearing only.

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