Ngorongoro Crater is Home to Africa’s Last Big 5 Tusker Elephants

Ngorongoro Crater is Home to Africa’s Last Big 5 Tusker Elephants : The Ngorongoro Crater is within the Great Rift Valley of East Africa. It has a bowl-like shape holding the largest population of wild animals. It also neighbors Serengeti national park, considered a world heritage site for wildlife. The Ngorongoro crater is home to the famous African Big 5 (Lions, Leopards, Black Rhinoceros, Cape Buffalo, and Elephants). Large herds of tusker elephants of more than 50 years live in Ngorongoro crater. Here are what the tusker elephants are.

Afrian’s Tusker Elephants

The big five African Tusker elephants are those individual elephants with long tusks almost touching the ground. It is hard to see these giants in other National Parks of African countries because of majority are killed by poachers for their lucrative ivory. The African tusker elephants are seen only in the Ngorongoro conservation area (NCA) of Northern Tanzania. Seeing these big elephant bulls is very impressive. Many safari goers fall in love with these massive tuskers and even choose them to be their favorite animals.

Lerai Forest

Lerai forest is a home for big African tusker elephants. Lerai Forest is in the world’s largest caldera Ngorongoro crater. The massive tusker elephants often spend most of their time grazing around Lerai forests. These old elephant bulls have survived in Lerai for more than 40 years. More than 75 big bull tusker elephants are on the floor of the Ngorongoro crater. Lerai area is well known for tall yellow acacia trees. The Acacia trees of Lerai forest are old but look attractive. The name “Lerai” originated from the Maasai tribal language meaning “tall-yellow backed Acacia” The forest also is a resident of many other wild animal species and birds. In closing, the leopards and birds are frequently spotted hiding and resting on the top of old acacia trees. It is very magnificent to encounter these world’s famous animals.

Ngorongoro Crater is Home to Africa's Last Big 5 Tusker Elephants
Tusker Elephants in Ngorongoro

Special Features About Tusker Elephants 

Size: Elephants are big land mammals, and in fact they are currently holding a record of being the biggest terrestrial animals on earth. An African bush tusker elephant has an average height of 10.5 and weighs approximately 6.6 tons. African tusker elephants have much larger ears helping to keep the animal cool under the hot sun, Ngorongoro Crater is Home to Africa’s Last Big 5 Tusker Elephants.

Tusks: Tusks are the long teeth coming outside the mouth bend upwards. Tusker elephants have two extremely long tusks at both ends of the mouth. The weight of one tusk is about 50 kilograms (100 pounds).

Trunk: The trunks of tusker elephants are strong. They have a Trunk of about 7 feet long with over 150,000 muscles. Elephant Trunk is for many purposes as smelling, breathing, and drinking water. Moreover, the tusker elephant trunk is capable of lifting logs off the ground and even lifting a crocodile that catches the Trunk of the river.

Intelligence: the big tusker elephants have high emotional intelligence. They live in groups in a community by respecting each other. Their behavior is associated with higher intelligence, knowledge, self-awareness, and memories. However, big tuskers acquire local knowledge from an early age, Ngorongoro Crater is Home to Africa’s Last Big 5 Tusker Elephants.

Most importantly, accommodation places for wildlife safari visitors are plenty in Ngorongoro. There are hotels, luxurious lodges, resorts, and camps. There are beautiful accommodations in Sinoni, Ngorongoro, and Mtowabaga. The cost of accommodations can vary depending upon various factors such as quality, locations, and services provided. For an adventurous trip, Tanzania is the best ultimate safari destination.

In addition, more activities are done within the Ngorongoro crater apart from spotting the Big Five Tusker Elephants. The other main activities are photographic safari, hiking the Rift Valley, bird watching, Hot air Balloon Safari, nature walks, game drives, visiting the Maasai community, and trekking the Olduvai Gorge.

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