Ngorongoro Park Fees

Ngorongoro crater park fees

Ngorongoro crater park fees

Ngorongoro Crater park fees are the conservation tariffs that all esteem guests who like to have a nice wonderful safari in Ngorongoro has to pay. When planning to have your wildlife experience in Tanzania, it’s always very important to take into consideration the park fees that are charged in all parks and conservation areas of Tanzania.

Ngorongoro crater park fees are paid in the bank from any branch and the guest or the person only goes with the receipt or the serial number of the payment receipt. It’s a rule not only in Ngorongoro Conservation area but all Tanzania national parks and Reserves that not direct cash is allowed at the entrance of the park. Our website gives detailed park fees for all the Northern circuit parks that cover Ngorongoro conservation area,lake Manyara national park, Tarangire national park and finally Serengeti national park.

Ngorongoro crater park fees
Ngorongoro crater

Ngorongoro conservation area like any other parks accept all credit card like Visa, master card at the gate entry for paying your park fees and this attract extra charge at your card for the processing fees.

Apart from Ngorongoro Crater park fees one also has to plan and budget for the camping fees which is charged per 24 hours. All the park fees are valid for 24 hours if one is staying inside the conservation area while those staying outside the fees expire as soon as you step out of the park.

Please have detailed park entry fees table below

Tanzania National park Park fees VAT Total
Adults from 15 years and above      
Lake Manyara National Park $45.00 $ 8.10 $53.10
Tarangire national park $45.00    $ 8.10 $53.10
Serengeti national park $ 60.00 $10.80 $70.80
Ngorongoro Crater $ 60.00 $10.80 $70.80
Kilimanjaro National park $70.00 $12.60 $82.60
Arusha national park $ 45.00 $ 8.10 $53.10
  Camping fees    
Serengeti national park $50.00 $ 9.00 $59.00
Ngorongoro crater $50.00 $ 9.00 $59.00
Children from 5 to 15      
Lake Manyara $15.00 $2.7 $17.70
Tarangire national park $15.00 $2.7 $17.70
Serengeti national park $20.00 $3.60 $23.60
Ngorongoro Crater $20.00 $3.60 $23.60
Arusha national park $15.00 $2.7 $17.70
Children 5 to 15 Camping fee    
Serengeti national park $10.00 $1.80 $11.80
Ngorongoro Crater $10.00 $1.80 $11.80

The Ngorongoro crater fees have different charge on the car when descending to the crater valley and this is separate from the park entry fee for the car. The vehicle entry fee is 295 usd per vehicle and the fee is paid together with the other fees at the bank or using the credit card.

For this year the park fees remain until the next financial year when we will get from Government if there will be any further changes from the national park fees.

Ngorongoro conservation area (NCA Transit fees)

The Ngorongoro crater fees are also subjected to all the guests who may not have interest to do any activity in Ngorongoro crater but proceeding to Serengeti national park through the Conservation area. The transit fees are charged per person as Ngorongoro crater fee which is charged once as you are entering through the main gate. You will not pay the crater fee 295 usd if you’re not going to descend down to the crater but only pay the Conservation area transit fee. These fees are sometimes surprises to many guest especially those who go for self-drive that is why in most cases its good to use local operators to plan for you the best Tanzania experience safari.

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