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Serengeti vs. Ngorongoro

Serengeti vs. Ngorongoro : which is better for a tanzania safari? Which Tanzania safari—the Serengeti or the Ngorongoro—is better if you only have a limited amount of time? Although we personally believe that seeing both places gives you the best overall experience, we recognize that not everyone can go on safari for more than a week at once.


Unquestionably the pinnacle of an East African safari. With its vast, grassy plains and accommodations that coincide with Mother Nature’s longest mammal migration, the Serengeti offers the classic safari experience.

 Every month of the year has something unique to offer in the region that hosts the Great Wildebeest Migration. There is never a dull moment among the millions of wildebeest that call the Serengeti home, whether the herds are putting their lives in danger by crossing the Mara River or gathering there for calving season.

 Due to the Serengeti’s size, every region has a unique landscape. Spending time in various locations will provide a variety of experiences, from the forests in Seronera to the undulating landscape of Kogatende.


On the other hand, the Ngorongoro Crater is compact and can be explored in a single day. You only need two nights in the area to get the most out of the Crater and its surroundings, and getting there from Arusha is more convenient (which may be something to take into account).

 Four of the Big Five can almost always be found on a safari on the Crater floor, in addition to many other animals. The Crater’s accessibility and notoriety do have a drawback, despite the incredible animal density. The Crater attracts visitors from all over the world who come to take in its scenery and beauty. It’s perfect for first-timers looking to see a few species, but for true safari enthusiasts, Tarangire National Park is the better choice.


The main decision to be made in the Serengeti is between a permanent lodge and a mobile camp. Following the wildebeest herds on their yearly migration, Mobile Camps moves up to three times a year. Under canvas, the camps offer a fantastic way to experience the Serengeti. The mobile camps offer the most extraordinary glamping experiences, from the basic Kirurumu to the permanent-like Olakira.

The permanent lodges may have more amenities, but they are significantly more expensive. Consider going on safari during the green season, when prices drop significantly, if you enjoy the more opulent side of things but want to keep expenses low.

There are two options at the Crater: the Karatu region or the Crater’s Rim. Although there are higher prices and colder evenings on the Rim itself, the views are breathtaking, and it is easy to get to the Crater in the morning. The Crater’s surroundings can be enjoyed while keeping costs down and, generally speaking, in a warmer climate by moving to Karatu. Therefore, it depends on your priorities.


Prices in the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater vary, but with park and conservation fees, anticipate prices to start at around $800 per adult per night. Children can benefit from child discounts.

Serengeti vs. Ngorongoro
Serengeti vs. Ngorongoro

 Additionally, some lodges provide stay-pay options, and peak-season lodge costs are higher. We suggest speaking with one of our Tanzania experts to learn about the costs of the various lodges and potential itineraries.


When the dry season is at its best, between June and October, Northern Tanzania is the most visited region of the country. It is not surprising that people frequently consider this to be the best time to visit, which also makes it the busiest. This coincides with the river crossings in the Grumeti and Mara River regions.

We favor the greener months, particularly early November. The lodges offer lower rates during this time, there are fewer tourists, and game viewing is just as good as it is at other times of the year. In actuality, there is no difference in the weather from the middle of October to the beginning of November!


We unquestionably advise visiting both the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater during your Tanzania safari to maximize your experience. To visit these locations and take advantage of everything they have to offer, about a week should be more than enough time.

Typically, we would advise spending one night in Arusha, two nights near the Crater, and then three to four nights in the Serengeti.

If you need some ideas, take a look at our itineraries page, which provides a great overview of what is possible in both Northern and Southern Tanzania. Alternatively, give us a call, and one of our experts will walk you through your options.

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