Animals in Ngorongoro

Animals in Ngorongoro Crater

Animals in Ngorongoro Crater

Animals in Ngorongoro Crater; Ngorongoro crater is one of the most densely populated conservation area in Africa with over 25,000 animals homing in the crater. The crater has a world record of the predator per capita as per the current concluded wildlife research in Africa. Wildlife in Ngorongoro crater inhabits both small and large animals with the big 5 of Africa also present those are the Buffalos, Elephant, Rhino, Lions and Leopards.

After the volcanic eruption happened in the Ngorongoro conservation area which resulted in to the formation of the world’s largest caldera and diverse vegetation covers immersed that attributed more to the distribution of both wildlife and human settlement in the area. Due to fertile soils most of the locals settled around this area so that they can do both agricultures in small scale and well as keep their animals due to abundancy of grass and water for their animals.

Animals in Ngorongoro Crater
Ngorongoro Crater wildlife

Animals in Ngorongoro crater were attracted to the crater by the green grass that was on the cliffs and walls of the crater. Its believed that some animals just fall in as a trap since the area was once the migratory corridor or animals in trans Serengeti national park during dry season when animals cross to lake Manyara national park.

Due to the fresh and alkaline water at the crater lake more wildlife especially birding species like Flamingos were attracted in the lake, lush vegetation attracted wildlife like Rare Black Rhinos and others. Animals in Ngorongoro were just trapped after descending down to the crater and could not come out again and this made them multiply within the crater.

Currently all the African big 5 can be seen in Ngorongoro crater like the black Rhinos, Elephants, Lions, Buffalos and Leopards. With the most current animal census the records show that Ngorongoro crater has the highest lion pride per capita than anywhere in the planet earth. The crater harbours over 55 permanent resident lions at the crater floor compared to the size the crater floor this is beyond the expected number to be homing in this small area.

The animal’s statistics at Ngorongoro crater are as follows: There are over 7,000 wildebeest at the crater, 6,000 Black spotted Hyenas, 4,000 zebras, 3,000 Elands, 3,000 Gazelles, 300 Elephants, over 55 Lions, 30 black Rhinos and many small animals like Kobs, Antelopes, Jackals, Hippos and others which total over 25,000(twenty five thousand) wildlife at Ngorongoro cater lake.

Ngorongoro crater is one of the few blessed destinations where one can easily see the black Rhinos at close distance at their natural habitat. The Rhinos are protected heavily by the Ngorongoro conservation area Authority that makes one to be able to see two horn Rhinos at ease making your dream of the African Big 5 list achievable.

Besides animals in Ngorongoro crater, it has sheltered over 500 bird species from the biggest bird to the smallest bird. Birders always call the crater as the birding paradise where they can easily see more bird species within a short period of time. The different vegetation distribution has contributed widely to the wide range of the bird species in the crater. The crater has both permanent resident birds and seasonal or migratory birds that come from different African countries and also others from European countries that come to breed here and this is most common in April when its rainy season.

The most common birds are Ostriches, Secretary birds the most confident bird with its fair poking from the head looking like the pens in the head of the secretary, Kori bastard, Open billed stork, Flamingos, the great white Pelican, The Augur Buzzard the heavy weight, the Seas hawks football team uses the Augur Buzzard. Other birds are Fischer’s lovebird, Superb Starling, Hamerkop, kingfisher and many more. All the above wildlife can be viewed when you visit Ngorongoro on your explore tanzania  tour.

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