District of Ngorongoro

District Of Ngorongoro

District Of Ngorongoro crater

District Of Ngorongoro Crater is an important factor that most travelers look out for when on safari to Tanzania especially Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania is one of the best tourist attractions in the country, voted among the seven natural wonders of Africa. The crater is located in Tanzania’s Northern part of the busy tourist’s town of Arusha along the tourist route that heads to the famous tourist destinations that make the Northern tourists circuit that covers Lake Manyara national park, Tarangire national park, the endless plains of Serengeti national park and the famous Ngorongoro crater.

District Of Ngorongoro crater


The District of Ngorongoro crater located in Tanzania is in the Arusha region of Ngorongoro district. The District of Ngorongoro is one of the few districts that form Arusha region in the best African tourist destination Tanzania. This district is among the five districts of Arusha region bordering Kenya on the North, Monduli district on the East, Karatu district on the South and Mara Region in the West.

The District is among the few lucky districts in Tanzania that are gifted by nature with more Tourist attractions with the most known one being Ngorongoro crater. This district has a population of 129,776 according to the Tanzania national census conducted in 2002 and in 2012 the population increased to 174,278. The district covers a total area of 14,036 square kilometers with 13,460 square kilometers covered by land and 576 square kilometers is covered by water.

The District is the home of Ngorongoro crater the largest intact caldera in the world and Ol Donyo Lengai the active volcano. The district hosts the largest animal migration i.e. the wildebeest migration that occurs in February to March when the wildebeest come to Ndutu region for calving. This district is part of the Serengeti Mara ecosystem where the circular wildebeest migration circulates around the year.

The district is covered by Ngorongoro conservation Area the only reserve where humans live together with wildlife in peace. The locals who are the Masaai people who are pastoralists live around the conservation area with their livestock. Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority allows a unique human settlement within the protected area though the locals have to follow the land use rules set by the Authority like practicing agriculture and livestock grazing in the reserve, sharing water sources with wildlife and others. Human habitation, hunting and livestock grazing inside Ngorongoro crater are forbidden.

The district has its district headquarters in Loliondo village, the offices of the District Commissioner are to found here.  The southern part of the district is covered and designated as Ngorongoro Conservation Area which is governed by Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority. The district is composed of three divisions which include Ngorongoro division, Loliondo, and Sale division. This District is further divided into 14 wards of Arash, Digodigo, Enduleni, Kakesio, Malambo, Nainokanoka, Nayobi, Sale, Soit Sambu, Pinyinyi, Ngorongoro, Orgosorok, Sambu, Oldonyo, Olbalbal, Oloipiri, Ololosokwan, Enguserosambu, and Orgosorok.

Ngorongoro crater is located in the center of Ngorongoro district in Ngorongoro division and Ngorongoro ward.

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