Tours to Ngorongoro Crater Lakes

Tours to Ngorongoro crater lakes

Tours to Ngorongoro crater lakes

Tours to Ngorongoro crater lakes gives you a thunderous wildlife mixed with scenic views of Ngorongoro conservation Area. The crater lakes are some of the key destinations one has to visit during their memorial safari not only in Ngorongoro but in Tanzania at large. Tours to Ngorongoro crater lakes cover the following experience:

  • Lake Magadi

Tours to Ngorongoro crater lakes takes you to unmissable experience of lake Magadi, located in the center of the world’s largest unbroken crater Ngorongoro crater. The crater lake was named after its salty water by Maasai locals meaning salt. Lake Magadi is a shallow, fiercely alkaline lake from sodium carbonate that attracts not only the Flamingos but also wide range of animals who come and link the salt pans. The most notable animals are Buffalos, Jackals, Rhinos, Hyenas, Zebras, Kobs, Antelopes among others who come to supplement their daily diet at the crater lake. A tour to Ngorongoro crater lakes gives you opportunity to be close to a wide range of animals and birds as they enjoy the salt water.

  • Olmoti crater

Olmoti crater is one of the crater lakes that form the Ngorongoro crater lake list. Tours to Ngorongoro crater lakes like Olmoti crater which is a home of Elands, Buffalos, Reedbuck and others. The lake is serviced by the Munge River that originates from the crater walls, crosses the caldera down over the cliffs of hundreds of meters above seas level. It has a scenic view of the Lolmalasin and Losirua volcanoes that form the outer rim of the famous Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area. Olmoti crater is covered by the short grass around the lake that provides fresh pasture for the animals, sometimes the Maasai locals take their cattle to graze in this area. 

  • Empakaai crater

From the best scenic crater rim view referred to as “the green paradise of Ngorongoro” lies Empakaai crater. Measuring around 6 kilometres wide with half of the crater floor is covered by the crater lake Empakaai. Like any other crater lake in Ngorongoro conservation Area, Empakaai lake is soda ash lake with alkaline water that attracts more water birds and animals.

Empakaai crater lake is one of the deepest crater lakes in East Africa with the depth of about 85 meters. The walls of the great caldera is occupied by the evergreen forests with some bamboo forests and tall grass. They are one of the best spots to see the shy leopards in Ngorongoro crater Area as they come relax at this area and also availability of small antelopes like Gazelles, Monkeys, Baboons among others that act the most preferred prey for the leopards.

Tours to Ngorongoro crater lakes especially lake Empakaai gives you panorama views of the lake itself and other surrounding dramatic cone of the only active volcano in Tanzania that is Oldoinyo Lengai, on clear day you can see as far as the Great Rift Valley and Lake Natron.

Empakaai crater

  • Lerai Forest

Tour to Ngorongoro Crater lakes does not only take you to the crater lakes but also opens up to a wide range of attractions in Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area. One of the key attraction in the area is Lerai Forest located on the crater rim walls of Ngorongoro crater. The Forests is made up of tall slim yellow acacia trees that are airy and canopied.

The Lerai Forest is a home of Elephants, shy black Rhinos, Bushbuck, Hyrax, Eland, Buffalos and many bird species. The foliage found in the forest is much preferred food for rare shy black rhinos and elephants which at first had caused damage at the forest but now rehabilitation is going on successfully. The forest is much frequented by the bird watchers which can go as far as the Gorigor Swamp a home of water birds and hippos.

  • Shifting Sands

The Shifting sands are the bi-products which come out of the small eruptions of the only active volcano that is Ol Dionyo. The black dune sand moves hundreds of meters away where the locals come and get it mixed with water forms the best cement. Tourists visit this area to see the natural formed cement in a simple process

  • Olduvai Gorge and Laetoli

The extra great experience of Tours to Ngorongoro crater lakes is a visit to the destination where the remains of the oldest mankind were discovered by Dr Leakey. This was a centre and beginning point of civilization with the fabrications of the early man tools evidenced by the markings of the current present footprints that date back in million years ago.

Olduvai Gorge and Laetoli

At most its recognised that a trip to Ngorongoro crater without visiting Olduvai Gorge and Laetoli visiting the museum at Olduvai Gorge.

  • Oldeani Mountain

Located to the Southwest part of the great Ngorongoro crater Conservation Area, Oldeani Mountain has great birding pace through Lerai Forest and seasonal lake Eyasi where the local typical Hadzabe Bushmen are found. This are local communities that leave the rest of their lives in the bush, they are the only tribe which are allowed hunting in the game reserves.


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